Michael Mohammad @themohamz / The S Thing Charity Auction

Custom signed painting, 23.75kt gold paint on reverse glass in a black metal frame. Designed and created by Michael Mohammad @themohamz

THE MOHAMZ (Michael Mohammad) is a Southern Californian creative and multifaceted designer, who’s work is rich in street culture references, 90’s pop culture nostalgia and a hint of Hype Beast influence. He designs & conceptualizes for both cultural and commercial fields. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, he combines different disciplines and mediums to build engaging experiences. Some of MOHAMZ’s interests when not working include working out, devouring pizza, laxin’ with friends and listening to music. He recently discovered that he loves LaCroix and isn’t ashamed of it. **Feel free to poke fun if you’d like** He does not understand how to use TikTok and has a beard.

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