1985 - Sacred Reich (the band)

1985 - Sacred Reich (the band)

In the same elk as Styx and other metal bands we featured here, Sacred Reich's reign spans four decades and their influence on the rock scene is immense. Formed in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona - their trademark band logo, written in similar styles to Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Judas Priest and Styx, starts with the S. A pointy, 6 line, classic S. 


Sacred Reich The S Thing

Sacred Reich The S ThingSacred Reich The S Thing

We know one popular way the S was spread was through people etching it into desks, lockers and on their books. Bands, sports teams, cars and embellishing your name were ripe at a time when bored kids didn't have i-phones or any digital tech for that matter. Just a HB2 pencil and sharpener. As band members themselves agree, they didn't invent the S, but Sacred Reich does join the long list of amazing bands that have contributed to expanding this style of personal embellishment. Rock On! 


Sacred Reich Band The S Thing

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