Below is a collection of artists whom we have had the pleasure of working with on different S Thing projects. Whether it's branding, products, charity auctions or retail experiences - this team of extraordinary creatives are helping to push the boundaries of what the S is and to harness the true power of the S. 

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The S Thing Bryce Wong Artist Collab

Bryce Wong

Bryce Wong is an artist and designer based in Portalnd, Oregon. He is best known for his warping & glitch effects. With a wide range of mediums from tattoos to physical sculpture, Bryce creates works riffing on pop culture and famous icons. He is notable for his work with fashion brands and his footwear design for Nike SB. Bryce was recently announced as the first virtual footwear designer at Nike's Dot Swoosh. @bbbrycewong


Bryce Wong The S Thing Artist CollaborationBRYCE WONG THE S THING COLLABORATION Bryce Wong The S Thing Artist Collaboration




The S Thing C.S Weiler Artist Collab

C.S Weiler


Cody Weiler is an illustrator and graphic designer from Buffalo, New York. His nostalgic artwork is inspired by vintage pop culture and he often creates unexpected twists on well-known images. Follow @c.s.weiler to see his work for various brands, including his own company Holy Smokes Supply Co.


C.S Weiler The S Thing Artist CollaborationC.S Weiler The S Thing Artist Collaboration





The S Thing Mona Thomas SHADES

Mona Thomas


Mona Thomas is a designer from Frankfurt, Germany who had an early obsession to fashion shows and sneaker design. This obsession led Mona to study graphic design at university but what she thought would be five years of photoshop, turned into a completely different career path. During her studies she began designing her own clothing and footwear items and what started out as a school project would soon become her own global brand. In 2018 Mona began selling her unique design HUNI Shades. Featured in countless music videos, fashion shoots and on influencers alike, Mona’s Gen-Z outside-the-box creativity is a true force and inspiration for any startup brand. Check out @mona_thomas /


Mona Thomas The S Thing SHADESMona Thomas The S Thing SHADESMona Thomas The S Thing SHADES




The S Thing Melanie McPherson MMNYC Jewelry

Melanie McPherson


A native New Yorker, Melanie’s designs are heavily influenced by pop and street culture. ‘’It’s cool that this childhood memory came full circle in my design process. I love that this symbol is something anybody can see and immediately feel connected to.’’See Melanie’s designs at





The S Thing Azedlesang



A French artist with a wide range of mediums covering tattoos, paint, print and illustration, you can catch Azed taking inspiration in the streets of Marseille, Paris or Brussels. Azeds focal points are his black and white tattoos, always with a twist of fun and stroke of Picasso. @azedlesang




Dave Chau STICCYCC The S Thing

Sticcy CC 


Dave Chau is a designer/illustrator/animator based in Brooklyn, NYC who has been drawing the S Thing longer than he can remember. He started STICCY©© in the summer of 2018 as a personal brand to explore cartoon, video game and pop culture tropes from his childhood in the form of stickers, games and digital art. Check out for more!


Sticcy CC The S Thing Artist CollaborationSticcy CC The S Thing Artist CollaborationSticcy CC The S Thing Artist Collaboration




Stephen Heffernan Logo The S Thing Artist Collab



Stephen Heffernan, also known as Hephee, is a freelance designer, illustrator, and art director based in London.

He also does a lot of art/personal work under the artists name, Hephee, which is best seen on Instagram @hephee


The S Thing Hephee Artist Collaboration



Michael Mohammad The S Thing

Michael Mohammad


THE MOHAMZ (Michael Mohammad) is a Southern Californian creative and multifaceted designer, who’s work is rich in street culture references, 90’s pop culture nostalgia and a hint of Hype Beast influence. He designs & conceptualizes for both cultural and commercial fields. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, he combines different disciplines and mediums to build engaging experiences. Some of MOHAMZ’s interests when not working include working out, devouring pizza, laxin’ with friends and listening to music. He recently discovered that he loves LaCroix and isn’t ashamed of it. **Feel free to poke fun if you’d like** He does not understand how to use TikTok and has a beard. @themohamz

Bart Simpson S


* Bryce Wong image provided by Flatspot