Thank You For Your Order

Thank You For Your Order

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Hi - This is Mark from The S Thing and I wanted to personally thank you for ordering from us. 

For every order placed, we donate funds to FreeArtsNYC to help provide art supplies and mentoring to children living in transitional housing. 

We are a small business run by just myself and supported by the fans across the world. Every single order is handpicked with love and sent from my garage, with my kids in toe. 

The S is a global cult phenomenon that is rich in history and mystery and a whole lot of nostalgic fun. We are creating a world where we can dive into the mysteries and showcase the incredibly talented artists and creatives that are inspired by the S in every day life. 

You can help us by please spreading the word to your friends, family and followers. It's easy 'hey, do you remember that S we used to draw in school?' You'd be surprised just how many people know. 

As a thank you, we are offering you and your friends


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Thank you for supporting
The S Thing