The History
& Mystery of the S

It has been a mystery of history for decades now. What is the S? Where did it come from and when did it start? It's the world's biggest mystery.

Through years of extensive research and interviews, we've started to scratch the surface on what the world's most iconic symbol could be.

The search is far from finished, as each new day we uncover more clues and even more rabbit holes.

Join us, as we plot out the Timeline for the S's most influential moments and get one step closer to learning the true origins of the S.

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3300-3000 BC The Dacians

Were the Dacians the inventor of the S? This is certainly one of the earliest and perhaps closest resemblance to the S that we have discovered. But what does it mean? Let's dig a little deeper. 

3000 BC Zalktis (Snake) Sign - Latvia, Europe

Was this slippery snake the inspiration for todays S?

Originating in ancient Latvia, the Zalktis Snake sign bears similiar references to their Indo-European neighbours the Dacians, of the same era.

Some suggest it represents two intertwined spirals, similar to the DNA double helix and symbolizing hereditary code. Let's explore:

1200 BC Korean Stoneware, Koryo Dynasty, Korea 

Ancient S motifs found lining a Korean stoneware cosmetic box. What's inside?

1356-1363 AD The Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hasan - Cairo, Egypt

King Sultan has one of the largest and architecturally exquisite mosques in all of Egypt. If that's not cool enough, he could also be the earliest person repping the S...

1533 Hans Holbein's 'The Ambassadors'

Most definitely the COOLEST historical artifact that exists today. A rare double-portrait painting with countless hidden symbols shrouded in mystery. It even has one of the worlds best examples of an anamorphosis (a hidden picture)

1890 Mechanical Graphics by Frederick Newton Willson

Is this the origin of the S? Lemmino and countless others seem to think so but are they right? We investigated...

1909 Suzuki

Did you know Suzuki didn't even make cars or motorbikes when they first started? There's a lot to explore with this global motor company whose sharp logo design looks eerily similar. But are they the same?

1920 Scholastic Publishing

With millions of children reading and writing in their books every single day, Scholastic has power. Legend has it they've used this power to to teach the kids the power of the S. We're leaving no page unturned on this one.

1938 Superman S - DC Comics

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the origin of the most Super-est S to ever exist? We investigate the 75 year evolution of the Superman logo.

1960 Strippable Books

A secret S on children's books? Artwork by Basquiat? How does this all link up? Shuuuuu come this way I'll tell you.

1972 Styx (the Band)

Come let your imagination Sail Away with an indepth look in the band Styx, their logo and the new trend in rock n' roll that helped spread the 'S' during the 70's thru 80's.

1973 Jon Naar

A pioneer's look into the early NYC graffiti scene thru his camera lens on a cold winter in 1973. A must read for anyone into graffiti or art.

1983 Securitech

THE COOLEST SECRET lies within this blog. For NY-ers they're blind to their connection to the S. Enter if you dare

1985 Sacred Reich (the band)

Sacred Reich's reign spans 4 decades and their influence on the rock scene is immense. They're also an important key to discovering how this S grew across the world.

1980 Jean-Michel Basquiat

the legend, the myth, the pioneer. JMB had NYC in the palm of his hand or the tip of his paintbrush. His artwork contains not only the strippable s but also his interpretation of the 'S'

2019 Satish Chandrasekhar - Jeopardy TV

Satish is a cult hero. Between almost beating Jeopardy Champion Matthew Holzhauer, to speaking with the late great Alex Trebek about moustaches, Satish topped it all with his beautifully executed S thing on his name tag. We tracked him down and interviewed Satish on his time on the show